Asana Cards Moon Edition rozszerzenie – język polski


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Asana Cards Extension / MOON EDITION is a deck of 51 cards featuring illustrations of new yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation techniques. Additionally, it has been enriched with 10 new yoga sequences.

NOTE: The basic version of Asana Cards SUN EDITION is required to practice with cards.

Asana Extension / MOON EDITION are a great tool for learning basic and advanced yoga poses and arranging your own sequence of exercises. It is a perfect solution for those who start their adventure with yoga, want to expand their knowledge in this field or take a yoga instructor course.

Each card on the front has an illustration of the yoga pose selected and its Sanskrit name, and on the back, information about its benefits, and step-by-step instructions, modifications, and contraindications. The cards are numbered and divided into categories.
You can use a ready-made thematic sequence or create your own.

The concept of Asana Cards Extension was to create characters with different skin tones to promote racial diversity and spread cultural tolerance.

Cards are printed on high-quality 300g paper.

Asana Cards EXTENSION is:
♥ 35 yoga poses
♥ 5 breathing techniques
♥ 10 yoga theme sequences
♥ 5 meditation techniques
♥ Card with an index of all categories and items