Asana Creatives is a combination of a holistic approach to life and a passion for yoga and mindfulness

Our mission is to inspire you to reconnect with yourself and seek balance and harmony between body, mind and soul.

The prints, patterns and colors are inspired by yoga, mother nature and a spiritual connection with the universe.

Dorota (@yogawithdotti), certified yoga teacher, creator of Asana Cards and the Asana Creatives brand. For the last 4 years she has lived in Mexico, where she taught yoga and learned about the eclectic Mayan culture and the beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula. That's where the idea for Asana Cards was born. She wanted the cards to be a tool for deepening independent yoga practice, with an emphasis on disconnecting from the world of technology, in line with the idea of ​​"disconnect to reconnect".

Yoga has been with her for many years and has long been more than just an asana practice. She has come a long way to self-acceptance and self-awareness, but most of all she has come home, to the sanctuary, to herself. She has learned to breathe consciously and to listen to her body carefully. She began learning self-regulation techniques and adapting asanas to her needs.

Dorota feels great gratitude for being able to share her yoga practice with others, not only in the physical sphere, but above all in the spiritual sphere.

He also believes that thanks to yoga we can see who we really are. By practicing asanas, we not only release the accumulated tensions that have accumulated in our body, but most of all we achieve peace, harmony and connection of the body, soul and mind. We realize that what is really the most important thing is here and now, not this what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. We learn to surf life's waves and accept the ebb and flow that is the essence of our nature. We find the fullness of life.

Donna Farhi
„Sztuka Życia”

“Yoga does not make us run away from reality and daily duties. On the contrary - it allows us to put our feet firmly, boldly and decisively on the ground, on the practical ground of experience. We do not run away from life, we return to the life that we had previously abandoned in the illusory hope for something better. "